We began our session with a gentle meditation exercise aimed to promote relaxation and release tension.  The intention for the meditation was to help the mind find peace, balance and hope in these current chaotic times.

The first writing exercise involved choosing two quotations about hope from a list of ten.  The purpose was to write a poem or prose piece using all or some of the chosen quotations in the writing.  When the writing was completed the group then went to break out rooms to share and discuss their writing in triads. When the group re-convened, one person from each group provided feedback on the group’s discussion and process.

The next exercise focused on a poem titled “We Are Living” by Brendan Keneally. The poem was read by a number of people taking different stanzas. The group were invited to write a poem or prose piece based on a line or phrase from the poem which appealed to them.

The final writing exercise involved reading the poem “The Way It Is” by William Stafford.  The prompt given for this writing exercise was: “There’s a thread you follow: its name is hope.”  As a result of this writing exercise some deeply moving poems were shared.

Our peer group session ended with the creation of a group poem.  This involves everyone providing a line from their own writing during the session in order to create a poem. I believe the group poem included below speaks for itself. Our peer group session was both an enjoyable and interconnective experience.



To love so deeply as we live is a gift.

What will you make room for today?

Leaning in and out

this thread called hope singing its words

of wisdom in a language only my soul can divine.

Wrapping itself around me

iridescent colours reflecting love and light.

We are living, giving ourselves to here!

Gathering in my thread that has travelled so far.


(Group poem created by attendees at “THE NEED FOR HOPE “PEER GROUP 10/01/2021)

GER CAMPBELL, January 2021