“Finding Our Way” – in this workshop we will explore in words how we choose to travel metaphorically, the implications of recent events on our movement, and the guides that may facilitate our journeys.


Before it was a field science, cartography was an art. It was an art that mingled knowledge and supposition, that told stories about places, and in which astonishment, love, memory and fear were part of its projections.

Robert Macfarlane – The Wild Places


The words are purposes.

The words are maps.

 Adrienne Rich – Diving into the Wreck


Topic: ‘Finding Our Way’ In these unprecedented times, it may be difficult to see how to move forward safely, positively, happily.  What does the future hold now for each of us, for our world?  How can we plan our life journeys?  Is there a map to guide us towards our futures?

Facilitator: Dr Clare Scott

Date: Sunday, May 23rd, 2021        Time: 3-5pm (UK TIME)

Location: Online with Zoom

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£20 without annual membership

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(Image by Gaelle Marcel – Unsplash)