Code of Ethics

All those involved with the iaPOETRY community are required to adhere to a code of ethical practice. This code is intended to serve as a guide to professional and interpersonal conduct.

Welfare of the Client

The welfare of our clients will be of utmost importance. We will protect the integrity and respect the autonomy of the people and groups with whom we work. We will apply the principles of Nonviolent Communication in all of our interactions.

Professional Relationships

We will strive to form and develop co-operative and supportive relationships with our colleagues and ensure that we act in a professional and ethical manner towards them.


We will respect the confidentiality of information obtained from all persons in the course of our work, within the guidelines of safety to person and property. We will take responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of all records made regarding our work with groups and individuals, and ensure this information is stored appropriately.

Professional Standards

We will endeavour to keep current with relevant information regarding the practice and process of the profession, and aim to maintain the highest standards of the profession in all aspects of our work with clients and colleagues. We will accurately represent our own training and experience, and work within those parameters. 

Public Statements

We will represent our professional qualifications and affiliations accurately in all public statements, advertising and promotional activity. All announcements and advertising will give a clear statement of purpose and description of the experiences to be provided.

Public Liability Insurance

We strongly recommend that all iaPOETRY Mentors, Poetry Therapy Practitioners and PTP’s in training acquire public liability insurance fit for purpose.


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