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How long does training take?

Training typically takes between two and five years depending on individual needs and circumstances. Your initial training plan is valid for five years. You may take an approved sabbatical within the initial five years or apply for an extension, should you need to, at the end of the period.

What does the training cost?

This will depend on a number of factors. Firstly, your Mentor will have her or his own fee for supervising your training so you will need to ascertain the cost of your supervision hours from your Mentor. You will also need to attend relevant workshops, courses and intensives, to fulfil your hours of peer and didactic experience. Also, you will need to fund the reading material from the required reading list.

Where do I find a Mentor?

A list of Mentors can be found on this website. You may find a Mentor in your own area or you may choose to work with one who is not geographically close. Long distance mentoring via telephone, Skype, etc is common and effective. It depends on what you feel is important to you when choosing a Mentor. When you choose an iaPOETRY Mentor you can be sure that she or he will support and encourage you throughout your training.

Why train and obtain the PTP credential?

At iaPOETRY we believe that the motivation and dedication it takes to fulfil the PTP training programme requirements demonstrates to all individuals and relevant professional bodies that you are thoroughly trained in all aspects of poetry therapy and its application, including the upholding of professional and ethical standards.

Where does a PTP work?

As a PTP you may work with individuals and groups in a variety of settings including educational establishments, libraries, community organisations, hospitals, health care settings, prisons, developmental groups, writing groups and other creative therapy groups, to name a few.

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