Founder – Lila Weisberger

Lila Weisberger is the founder of the International Academy for Poetry Therapy (iaPOETRY). She has a long and distinguished history in the world of Poetry Therapy/Bibliotherapy. She was a board member of the National Association for Poetry Therapy for twelve years, its President for two years, Certification Chair for four years, and received three separate awards from them.She was also credentialed as a Registered Poetry Therapist, a Mentor and then a Master Mentor.

Her professional background includes NYS teacher from kindergarten – 6th grade, NYS School Psychologist working with students, parents and teachers from kindergarten through high school, NYS Creative Arts Therapist and NYS Drug and Alcohol Counselor. Her career spanned 30 years. She received many awards including “Psychologist of the Year”. She also was chosen by parents in the elementary school she serviced to be honored for outstanding achievement.

Lila has trained numerous Poetry Therapy Practitioners and worked with innumerable professionals interested in poetry therapy. She also founded the thriving BridgeXngs Poetry Center, where she continues to inspire and support those in training to become Poetry Therapy Practitioners and Mentors for iaPOETRY, and from which she runs peer groups and a poetry therapy intensive called Actionweek. Lila co-edited “The Healing Fountain: Poetry Therapy for Life Stages.” which is required reading for all trainees.

Lila’s depth of vision and breadth of hope led her to form the International Academy for Poetry Therapy (iaPOETRY) – a credentialing organisation with community at heart. Here Lila works as a Master Mentor and Poetry Therapy Practitioner.

One of her favorite quotes is “Work is love made visible”.

Her guiding word is “YES”, and as she continues to follow her golden thread, she invites you to join us at iaPOETRY.


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