Training to become a Mentor

Prior to applying, you need to have practised for at least one year as a Poetry Therapy Practitioner. Throughout your Mentor training programme you will work with a Master Mentor who will support and guide you in all aspects of your training, and help you with your initial and final application portfolio.


  1. Contact one of the recognised iaPOETRY Master Mentors.
  2. The iaPOETRY Master Mentor will answer any questions you might have, discuss the training programme with you and guide you throughout the application process.
  3. Submit a Letter of Intent to train as a Mentor for iaPOETRY to the Credential Chair, along with all other required documentation. (See below). In your letter, provide information about your philosophy regarding teaching/learning styles, your teaching/administrative experience, and your personal/professional goals.
  4. You will receive a letter of acknowledgement of your interest in training to become an iaPOETRY Mentor from the Credential Chair.


  • Proof of PTP credential
  • Letter of Intent to train as a Mentor with iaPOETRY
  • Letter of Acceptance from a qualified Master Mentor who has agreed to train you
  • Two references from listed Poetry Therapy Practitioners
  • One reference from a group participant/client
  • Signed form verifying that you have not been under investigation nor violated any professional obligations and have read the ethics document
  • Application fee


Training typically takes between 1-3 years to complete depending on the individual trainee’s needs and preference.

  • You will be an apprentice to your Master Mentor and shadow her/him as s/he supervises a PTP Trainee. You will document all aspects of this process.
  • You will use the iaPOETRY Training Handbook, which includes all the necessary forms and information relevant to the PTP training, to good effect.
  • DIDACTIC STUDY – (150 hours minimum). You will read texts/take courses in relation to Non-Violent Communication, codes of ethics, theories of group process, theories of supervision. You are required to keep notes regarding your learning and responses. These must be reviewed by your Master Mentor.
  • You will continue to facilitate poetry therapy groups and work with individuals.
  • After an initial period of training, to be agreed upon with your Master Mentor, you will begin to work with your own trainee. Your Master Mentor will supervise you throughout this process. You will document all aspects of this process.
  • SUPERVISION – (50 hours minimum) with your Master Mentor. You are required to document each session for review by your Master Mentor.



Your Master Mentor will send a Letter of Recommendation (LoR) to the Credential Chair endorsing your final application to become a Mentor

LoR to include assurance that Trainee Mentor has:

  1. Completed 50 hours of supervision
  2. Completed 150 hours of didactic study
  3. Used the iaPOETRY Training Handbook to good effect
  4. Shown awareness of the theory and practice of Nonviolent Communication
  5. Shown awareness of the theory and practice of ethical standards

LoR may also include reference to any special projects, achievements and circumstances in relation to the Trainee Mentor.


Trainee Mentor submits final application portfolio to include:

  • Cover Sheet itemising the contents of the final portfolio
  • Two letters of recommendation from professionals who can endorse the Trainee Mentor’s work in the field of Poetry Therapy
  • A list of 50 supervision hours, stating whether the sessions were individual in person, individual by telephone or group sessions
  • A list of 150 hours of didactic study, stating the texts read as well as any relevant lectures and workshops
  • Two Reports of up to 2000 words each to include: your apprentice experience and work with your own trainee
  • Application fee

All successful applicants will receive their Mentor Certification from iaPOETRY and will be listed as an iaPOETRY Mentor on the website.


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